Police Chief of Newport News Links Two Camp Eustis Tragedies.

Newport News, Va., June 14 – The murderer of Miss Rose Brady, whose body was found early last Sunday in a copse in Camp Eustis, also killed Sergeant Hank Crouse of Locklilly, W. Va,. found similarly slain in his automobile on the Warick Road, near the military post, June 3,  Chief of Police Patrick asserted yesterday.  Army authorities concluded after an investigation of Crouse’s death that he was accidentally killed, but Chief Patrick continued his work on the case.  He suggested yesterday that connection of the two deaths might lead to the capture of the murderer.  Comrades of Crouse have expressed the conviction that he had a considerable amount of money with him at the time he met death.  None was found on his body.

Search for fingerprints on the piece of gas pipe with which Miss Brady was killed has revealed only that the slayer of the young camp employee apparently wore gloves when he wielded the weapon, Army authorities investigating the crime announced yesterday.  Camp officials added that they had been unable to find any clue which might lead to a solution of the mystery, although they had assigned their best investigators on the task.  Miss Brady’s funeral took place yesterday morning.

The Gettysburg Times [Gettysburg] 14 June, 1922, Wednesday. p. 2.